Older Home Closet Ideas To Help You Deal With Limited Storage Space

If you live in an older home or are considering buying one, their lack of closet storage space can be a problem.

Most homes built many years ago simply don’t have the same-sized closets you’ll find in modern homes for a few reasons, as you’ll discover below.

There are ways around this problem if you use some of the following older home closet ideas. These storage solutions can also be applied to other areas in your house, as well as apartments and condos.

Why is there less closet space in older homes?

Houses built during the first 60-70 years of the 1900s typically have smaller closet spaces for these reasons:

  • People simply had fewer clothes and belongings, largely because they were more expensive to buy. Improvements in manufacturing technology and increased use of cheaper overseas labour eventually contributed to lower prices for consumer goods.
  • Shifts in society’s consumerism habits.
  • Dressers, chests, and wardrobes accounted for much of where clothing was stored.

Maximize your storage space with a closet organizer

Most closets in older homes are outfitted with little more than just a hanging rod and shelf. Having such limited flexibility in an already confined space will result in nothing but headaches when it comes to finding a home for many of your belongings.

One of the various custom closet solutions you can use to address your limited amount of storage space is a closet organizer.

older home closet ideas organizer

Use your closet space more efficiently

Organized Interiors carries the most comprehensive array of closet organizer solutions in Canada.

Our SmartLine or Classic closet organizer systems can be tailored to your home’s closet space to maximize your storage potential.

Our design experts know how to make the best use of pull-outs, shelving, drawers, cubbies, shoe racks, and many other useful storage and organization solutions in your closets. Even adding the right kind of lighting to your closet can help make your life easier.

Additional older home closet ideas worth considering

Along with closet organizers, there are other older home closet ideas worth considering. Our vast selection of closet accessories will take full advantage of your small closet space to greatly enhance their functionality and lessen your storage space woes. Here are some examples:

  • Additional hanging rods: If your closet has a lot of underutilized vertical space, installing high and low-hanging rods will help to accommodate more clothes. Organized Interiors uses high quality chrome hanging rods that can hold plenty of weight and also look great.
  • Sliding belt rack: This low profile and helpful accessory can be installed almost anywhere in the closet. The sliding belt rack also helps maintain the shape of your belts.
  • Valet rods: A retractable valet rod in your closet can help you to enjoy a more efficient morning routine. You can use the valet rod to prepare your outfit for the next day. The valet rod retracts when you’re finished using it, thereby saving you space.

Belt rack older home closet ideas

Let us create a dressing room if you have a spare room

If your older home’s closet storage space is all but non-existent, there is another storage option.

If you have a spare room that gets little or no use, turn it into a dressing room (also known as a large walk-in closet). Dressing rooms are rapidly growing in popularity for homeowners.

The extra storage space they provide is enhanced even further by the space-saving storage solutions used by our design experts. Not only will you love having more space to keep your wardrobe organized, you’ll also appreciate the stylish touch that a dressing room adds to any home.

You can also add a dressing room space to a large master bedroom by having a simple partition wall built.

Visit our huge showroom for older home closet ideas

Our 10,000 square foot showroom in Vaughan has all of these older home closet ideas and much more. Prepare to be wowed by the extensive range of home organization and storage solutions that you can touch and feel for yourself.

older home closet ideas showroom

For storage solutions outside the closet in your older home, visit the showroom to see the types of finely crafted custom bedroom cabinetry available, including wardrobes and bed surrounds.

Browse the largest selection of Richelieu decorative hardware (including pulls, hooks, and knobs) in the Toronto area.

When your older home’s lack of closet space forces you to get creative with storage, Organized Interiors can help. Our experienced professionals know the best storage and organization solutions to use in your unique space.

Schedule your complimentary in-home design consultation with one of them today.

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