Reduce Your Time Spent On Laundry With These Tips

When people hear you say the word “laundry,” they often assume you’re referring to washing and drying clothes.

However, this step is only a part of the laundry cycle, which actually begins and ends in the closet.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. You select an outfit from your wardrobe to wear.
  2. After changing, you place dirty clothes in the hamper.
  3. When the laundry bin is full, you sort clothes and separate colours.
  4. Dirty clothes are washed, dried and folded.
  5. Clean laundry is put away.

The cycle seems simple, but you know full well that it doesn’t always go smoothly or quickly. Prevent laundry gridlock and make this process more efficient.

13 hours of free time

What if you could save 15 minutes every week from your laundry cycle? That adds up to 780 minutes a year or 13 hours of free time.

Small changes in your daily routine can lead to big savings in time. Try to reduce your time spent on laundry with these simple tips.

Multiple laundry hampers to sort clothes by colour from Organized Interiors.

Place dirty clothes into three separate bins

If you separate colours at the very beginning of the cycle, you’ll be able to skip an entire step later on in the process.

Built-in laundry hamper in dressing room.

Add built-in laundry hampers to your closet cabinetry

Built-in laundry hampers help you stay organized without taking up space. They are also a great way to conceal mess and odour.

laundry room storage

Consider customized laundry closets and cabinetry

If you often misplace the dryer sheets or your laundry area always seems cluttered, custom laundry cabinetry is a great way to help you stay organized.

Organize your bedroom closets

Putting away laundry is the last step in the cycle and it’s a very important part of the overall process.

If your bedroom closet isn’t organized and you put clothes away in random places, you are wasting valuable time every morning when you get dressed for work.

A closet organizer makes it easier to know where everything belongs. You’ll speed up your morning routine and putting away laundry will be less of a chore.

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