5 Smart Shoe Storage Solutions That Work in Small Spaces

Moving into a smaller space doesn’t necessarily mean having to part with a number of your belongings. 

When unpacking shoes, for example, you might wonder how many pairs from your large collection you’ll actually be able to fit into the smaller closets of your new home.

Think about how many types of footwear are in the average home. Athletic shoes, heels, flats, slippers, sandals, flip flops, winter boots, hiking boots, loafers, dress shoes, and knee high boots all need a home of their own.

Without smart shoe storage solutions in place, it won’t take long for organizational chaos to ensue.

Smart shoe storage solutions save you time

A study conducted by one retailer found that women who own a shoe rack were seven times more likely to be on time for work than women who didn’t own one. While that may be just one estimation, it makes perfect sense that an organized life at home would carry over in a positive way to one’s life outside the home.

Knowing exactly where to find that pair of shoes that perfectly complements your chosen work outfit can be an invaluable time-saver in the morning. Consider how many things you do before going to work every morning.

There’s feeding yourself and your kids, packing their school lunches, getting them ready for school and to the bus stop (or driving them there yourself), and getting yourself showered, dressed, and looking presentable for work.

A Boston marketing firm found that the average American wastes 55 minutes every day searching for misplaced items. No doubt some of that time was spent looking for lost shoes. Adding helpers like smart shoe storage solutions will allow you to easily keep your fashionable footwear collection well-organized.

This will help you reclaim some of that wasted time and remove one of the many things you need to concern yourself with every morning.

Protect your footwear with sensible shoe storage solutions

Not having proper shoe storage systems doesn’t just make your home more disorganized. Keeping your footwear in disorganized piles will lead to scuffing, scratches, and other damage that can shorten your footwear’s life.

Delicate footwear and expensive designer shoes should especially be stored properly to keep them in optimal condition.

Regularly worn shoes might be more ideal for floor racks or open shelving storage that keeps your footwear fresh by letting the material breathe.

On the other hand, you want to protect your pricier shoes from dust, sunlight, and scuffing, which makes pullout storage or shoe box storage a smart choice.

Turn to smart shoe storage solutions for help

Even in storage areas with ample space, large shoe collections can be a challenge to keep organized. By using some of these five smart shoe storage solutions, you can maximize your shoe storage space anywhere.

Smartly designed shoe storage systems will also make the storage space more functional. 

1. Add a dressing room that includes practical shoe storage solutions

So your new home’s closets are smaller than you’d like, but you’re lucky enough to have a spare bedroom. How can you make the best use of this space? One practical idea is to turn it into a dressing room/large walk-in closet.

A private dressing room can be your own comfortable space that also provides you with the luxury of valuable storage space for the wardrobes of you and your spouse. Incorporate some smart shoe storage solutions into your dressing room’s design to keep all of your shoes protected, neatly stored, and easy to find.

A pullout rack is perfect for this space. It can be built to any depth of shelf, allowing for shoes to be stored more than one row deep. Purses and other items can also be stored on it. The pullout features a front protector to ensure your shoes don’t fall forward when the rack is pulled out.

shoe storage solutions pullout

A dressing room pullout rack keeps shoes hidden, organized, and well-protected.

shoe storage solutions dressing room rack

A pullout shoe rack that’s ideal for a dressing room or traditional closet.

2. Have your custom wardrobe designed with storage space for shoes

Our custom wardrobes can be used for more than just keeping your clothing hung or folded. We can add room to store shoes on the wardrobe’s interior base, within its open shelving, or by adding a pullout rack.

A wardrobe can be added to a bedroom or in a front entryway to add more storage space. Organized Interiors is hands-on with your wardrobe’s design, manufacturing process, and installation.

This full-service process ensures you’ll get a high quality custom product that nicely complements your home’s décor and fits your space perfectly.

3. Maximize your closet’s shoe storage space

Even with many smaller closets, our clever design consultants can devise a shoe storage solution to make the most of the limited space available.

Our SmartLine and Classic closet organizers can include shoe storage space in an open shelving concept, including divider/cubby storage.

Along with pullout racks, stationary floor shoe racks can also be included in your closet organizer’s design. Add multiple levels to your shoe rack to really maximize your storage space.

Hanging shoe racks are another storage option, which can be hung from a closet’s hanging rod or on the closet door to save space. Some people do find this option a bit tacky, however, so this may not be a shoe storage solution that appeals to you.

shoe storage solutions closet rack

Open shoe storage within a closet space.

4. Upgrade your mudroom to allow for more shoe storage room

Another way to make more room for storing shoes in your home is to update your mudroom. Shoe storage can be added to a mudroom in various styles such as shoe racks, open shelving storage, or hidden away within a built-in bench. An entryway closet can also be redesigned by having the doors removed and incorporating some of these features.

Because your mudroom is typically right near an entryway, adding practical shoe storage solutions to it minimizes clutter and disorganization. As soon as your family members enter your home, they’ll have ample amount of room to keep their shoes tidily stored.

5. Use shoe boxes to maintain a neat, uncluttered appearance

Even if your space is small, you can find room for storing shoes by making use of shoe boxes. This shoe storage solution will help you maintain a clean and uncluttered appearance in your home.

Shoe boxes also protect your expensive footwear and make use of any free space in your closets or elsewhere in your bedroom. Stack them on the floor, on mid-level open shelving, or up top in the free vertical space of your closets.

You can use the original shoe boxes you saved or use stylish storage boxes if you prefer. Make it much easier to locate specific pairs of shoes stored in shoe boxes by using labels. Another option is to use clear storage boxes or storage bins for storing your footwear.

Let customized shoe storage solutions make your small space more functional

As long as you have customized shoe storage solutions that perfectly match your needs and limited room, you can maintain an organized home.

Take advantage of the smart shoe storage options Organized Interiors has available by scheduling your free in-home design consultation with us today.

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