9 Small Laundry Room Ideas That Get Creative With Compact Spaces

A large laundry room loaded with all the amenities can make dreary laundry tasks easier to face.

But what if you don’t have the luxury of having ample room to accommodate this hardworking space in your home?

Doing a task that few people enjoy in a cramped, unappealing space that lacks functionality only makes you less anxious to tackle those laundry chores.

Get more out of your space with these small laundry room ideas

If you’re looking to makeover your small laundry room, you’ll need to get creative and implement some smart small laundry room ideas to get the most out of your compact space.

Size isn’t the be-all end-all when it comes to how efficient your laundry room is. A smaller laundry room that utilizes its space well and includes smart storage and organization systems can be surprisingly effective.

In fact, it can even function better than a much larger laundry room that wastes storage space and is poorly laid out. Use these nine small laundry room ideas to help you get more from your compact laundry space.

1. Be smart with your laundry room design

Any small room needs to utilize all of its available space and a small laundry room is no different. You’ll want to carefully consider how every square inch of the space can be useful to you.

Be mindful not to overload your laundry room with too many small laundry room ideas and additions, however. You still need it to be functional and not to detract from your home’s décor if possible.

Floor-to-ceiling custom cabinetry maximizes storage space in a small laundry room.

2. Utilize vertical space and reconsider your appliances

Be sure to utilize as much vertical space in your small laundry room as possible. Go as high as you can with shelving and cabinetry, but not so high that it’s too difficult or unsafe to reach.

A small step stool can give you a few more inches of reaching height for those upper storage areas.

Switching to a washer and dryer that stack also helps to optimize the vertical space in your laundry room. Another one of the small laundry room ideas you can use that saves space is to get an all-in-one laundry appliance that washes and dries.

3. Use washer and dryer pedestals

Another way to gain a little extra storage space is to use pedestals underneath your washer and dryer. Pedestals have a handy drawer that can give you extra room for keeping laundry supplies that are easy to access.

Their primary purpose of pedestals is actually to boost the height of your appliances by about 10-15″. This can make it easier to load and unload machines.

Not every laundry appliance can use a pedestal, so make sure any models you’re looking at can accommodate them.

4. Add a countertop

Adding counter space in your small laundry room gives you a valuable surface that can be used for tasks like folding and sorting laundry or for extra storage.

The countertop can be added above your appliances so no space is wasted and be customized to complement the rest of the laundry room’s décor.

Keep in mind that it is less practical to add a laundry room countertop above your appliances if you’re using pedestals. Also consider that adding a countertop above your machines will only work for front-loading appliances.

5. Include laundry room custom cabinetry

A custom design for your laundry room’s cabinetry will ensure that it’s made to precisely fit within your small space. This ensures that the storage space and functionality in your small laundry room is maximized. All your laundry supplies can stay well-hidden, yet easily accessible and organized.

Enjoy the storage versatility that comes when you have your laundry room customized to include floor-to-ceiling cupboards, shelves, and drawers. Our laundry room cabinetry designs can also incorporate useful features like:

  • pullout drying racks
  • built-in laundry hampers
  • a space-saving built-in ironing board
  • pullout storage racks
  • laundry room accessories

Along with the built-to-fit benefits of custom laundry room cabinetry, the ability to customize also gives you the freedom to have your laundry room’s décor look the way you want.

6. Add a laundry room island

Even though your laundry room may be compact, perhaps you have enough space to add a small multi-purpose island.

A laundry room island can also add extra functionality to the space as a folding area and storage space.

Hidden built-in laundry hamper pullouts and a built-in ironing board could also be included in the island’s design.

7. Utilize dead space for storage

Some of the dead space your small laundry room may have can be utilized for storage. If you have open space on top of your cabinetry, store laundry baskets that can hold loose items and supplies.

Tight corners and awkward spaces can have shelving added and shallow floating shelves can be installed above your appliances if they’re not stacked.

When space is at a premium, having small shelves that can store even just a couple of detergent containers can be quite useful.

8. Use laundry room accessories

Using your room’s underutilized storage space includes adding laundry room accessories and decorative hardware for extra functionality.

Hooks, a retractable valet rod, and an adjustable four position hanger provide extra hanging space for laundry or supplies. And they all take up very little space, which gives you lots of flexibility when deciding where to use them.

If space allows, add an extra hanging rod (even a short one).

small laundry room ideas hanger

Accessories like an adjustable four position hanger can be added almost anywhere in a small laundry room.

9. Incorporate a folding folding station (that’s not a typo)

The last of our small laundry room ideas involves adding a folding station that folds up. Being able to fold your laundry when it’s toasty warm right out of the dryer (instead of having to move it somewhere else to fold) will minimize wrinkling and save time.

This space-saving idea provides a useful workspace and folds up and out of the way when it’s not needed. It’s a clever solution for laundry rooms that can’t incorporate an island or any counter space (or enough counter space) into the room’s design because of space limitations.

Discover how our small laundry room ideas can work in your home

Hopefully these small laundry room ideas have shown you that a compact laundry room space can still provide you with a high level of functionality.

Organized Interiors can work wonders with laundry room spaces both big and small.

Schedule your free in-home design consultation with us to discover what clever laundry room ideas our designers can come up with for your home.

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