5 Smart Reasons for Getting a Dressing Room Closet

Are you a clothes enthusiast short on closet storage space?

Could the routine of getting ready for work or social engagements use a refreshing change of scenery that frees you from the bedroom or bathroom?

White dressing room walk-in closet with plenty or storage.

Here’s an idea – a dressing room closet. In recent years, dressing rooms have become a highly coveted addition to homes as more people discover their many benefits.

Here are five reasons to add one to your home.

1. An abundance of storage options

Adding a dressing room (also referred to as a “large walk-in closet”) to your home considerably expands your clothing storage options.

This gives you the freedom to organize your clothing, shoes, and accessories in a manner that exactly fits your vision.

2. A dressing room eliminates bedroom clutter

Just imagine the liberating feeling of adding a whole extra room that can, in part, be used to store your clothing and accessories.

A dressing room will eliminate the bedroom clutter that has limited your organizational capabilities for too long.

Better clothes organization directly translates into an improvement in efficiency when it comes to getting ready for work or social functions. That’s because everything is in its place and much easier to find.

3. Enjoy unlimited design potential

The design potential for a dressing room is only limited by the lengths of your imagination.

Feel like showing off your impressive wardrobe? Then an open-concept dressing room design will work for you.

If you want your belongings kept out of sight, consider keeping them behind custom closet doors or in a wardrobe closet. Other design options to think about are:

  • closet organizers
  • shelving
  • furniture like a sit-down vanity, dresser, or comfortable chair
  • closet accessories like valet rods, laundry hampers, and shoe racks
  • a multi-purpose centre island providing storage space for watches and jewelry, as well as a surface to fold and iron your garments
  • a full-length dressing room mirror

4. Create your own private sanctuary

A dressing room is much more than just a clothing storage area. It’s a dedicated space that becomes your own little sanctuary.

Enjoy its privacy and comfort as you ruminate about your wardrobe options, put on makeup, unwind after a long day, or (naturally) get dressed.

5. Maximize your home’s functionality

A guest bedroom is nice to have, but how frequently does it really get used? Couldn’t that spare room be put to better use if you don’t entertain many overnight guests?

A dressing room turns your home’s spare room into a better utilized purpose-driven space, because it will get used every single day.

Custom Cabinetry Collection

A dressing room doesn’t have to be unobtainable just because you lack a spare room. If your master bedroom is larger than your needs require, you can create a private dressing space by installing a partition wall.

Dressing rooms combine the luxury of a private dressing area with the functionality of an additional clothes storage area. Their unique design possibilities will also reflect your tastes and style.

These dressing room ideas can get you started, but feed your imagination further by booking a free in-home consultation with one of our designers.

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Master Closets With Contemporary Design

The fact that this spectacular contemporary home is situated in a very traditional Olde Oakville neighborhood isn’t the only thing that makes it a showstopper.

It comes with a $7,000,000 price tag.

The home defies convention with its sharp, geometric lines in a mix of stone, stucco, cedar and abundance of windows. It’s a one-of-a-kind, custom-built home with equally high-end interior finishes, right down to the closets.

Organized Interiors designer Mike Seguin took the opportunity to showcase his talents in contemporary design. He created organizing solutions for all the closets, laundry room and vanities.

Mike had the chance to create unique spaces including his and hers master closets. “When I do design work, I try to give the client something they wouldn’t get anywhere else,” he says.

Dark contemporary master closet

For his walk-in closet and dressing room, Mike chose a charcoal grey glossy finish. It adds high reflectance and picks up on the dark grey window frames and contrasts sharply with light walls.

Along with the solid doors, Mike chose to add some glass doors to feature contrasting white interior walls and glass shelves. The closet’s LED lighting adds more sophisticated shine to the space.

The contemporary door handles create a repeated linear pattern that draws you into the space.

White contemporary master closet.

Her closet is a lesson in pure elegance.

Mike chose white gloss cabinets to enhance the room sized closet and dressing room. The mix of solid and glass doors, chrome shelving, beautiful handles and LED lighting reflect the neutral palette found throughout the home.

The makeup table repeats the gloss of the cabinetry but features a subtle ribbon pattern on white. The whole space says pure luxury.

The grandeur of this modern home is surely impressive, but Organized Interiors works on projects of all sizes. Our talented designers dedicate themselves to each project regardless of budget and style to ensure the clients love their home.

To benefit from the expertise and talent of our design consultants, set up a free in-home consultation. Organized Interiors is able to enhance any room in your home with organization and incredible style.

Organize Your Home with Smartline, Classic and Custom Cabinetry Closets

At Organized Interiors, our goal is simple: to create custom-made storage solutions that are designed to complement and enhance your space.

We recognize that every home is different and therefore requires unique storage units. That’s why we offer a selection of highly customizable closet organizers, which includes the SmartLine and Classic closet systems.

Learn the advantages of each closet system and consider the best solution for your home.

SmartLine closet organizer system


If you’re seeking a storage solution that offers flexibility and versatility, the SmartLine system is a great option.

SmartLine is a wall-supported organizer that can be moved easily if needed, and it is designed with adjustable shelves and hanging bars. This makes it a great value as your needs change over time.

Because the SmartLine system is wall mounted, it does not take up any floor space. The design of this system also stays clear of baseboard trim for a clean and efficient installation.

Classic closet organizer system


The Classic closet organizer is a floor-supported organizer that mimics the sophisticated style and look of crafted cabinetry.

The Classic’s deeper shelving towers and deeper drawers provides maximum storage. There are a variety of ways to organize your wardrobe, making the Classic an excellent choice for reach-in or walk-in closets.

Custom Cabinetry Collection

Walk-in closet

Turn a spare room into a stylish dressing room, or update your walk-in closet with our Monogram closet organization system.

The custom details and rich finishes make this system look luxurious, and you can feel good knowing your custom cabinetry is both stylish and highly functional.

Note: the SmartLine and Classic collections can also be enhanced with custom touches.

An effective storage solution can do wonders for your home. Schedule a free in-home design consultation with us to learn more.

Organize Your Watches with Watch Winders and Save Time

Custom watch winder case

A self-winding mechanical watch from Longines or Tudor needs to keep moving or you’ll be setting the date and time more than you care to.

If you have a watch collection then you’ll want to protect your investment and keep them organized and wound using a good quality watch winder.

Organized Interiors uses Orbita watch winders exclusively in its dressing rooms and custom closet designs. Orbita is the world’s largest producer of watch winders, designed to meet the high standards of premium watch collectors.

There are dozens of companies making watch winders but three things set Orbita apart from the rest — design, build quality and features.

Silent Motor

The cheaper watch winders on the market tend to be unreliable and noisy. If your watch winder is going to be off the bedroom in a dressing room or closet, the last thing you want to hear at night are several watch winders grinding away.

watch winders

Orbita watch winders have a silent motor that won’t keep you awake at night. Using a ball-bearing construction and solid-state controls, the motor can run maintenance-free for a long time.

Winding Technology

Orbita’s Rotorwind system doesn’t rotate a watch like a traditional winder. It swings the watch to mimic human motion and gestures. This provides a more natural wind as if you were actually wearing the watch.
Orbita Rotorwind watch winder diagram
Orbita’s programmable watch winder using a traditional rotating style. It can be programmed to rotate clockwise, counter-clockwise or automatic reversing rotation.

Winding cycles can also be programmed to 650, 800, 950 or 1,300 turns per day (TPD). Orbita has a watch winder database that can help you determine how many TPD your watch requires.

AC Adapter or Battery

Orbita lithium batteriesFinding AC power in a closet can be difficult. The electrical outlet may not be accessible and depending where you live, it may be against the building code to have it in the closet. Battery power provides more flexibility in terms of location.

Orbita lithium batteries can last for 5 years and replacement batteries are available at Organized Interiors (or directly from Orbita).


Orbita watch winders come with a two year warranty in materials and/or workmanship. An optional extended warranty provides an additional 3 years of coverage.

Custom Watch Winder Drawers, Cabinets & Cases

Organized Interiors designs and manufactures custom drawers and cabinets to hold your watch winders. You decide if you want them in felt lined drawers or a custom glass case.

Our goal is to make it quick and easy to select a watch from your collection in the morning.


If you’re in the greater Toronto area then stop by our showroom in Vaughan. We have several examples of how watch winders are being used in custom closets.

Top 10 Trending Shades of Grey Finishes

Not everything is black and white. Grey has become the new neutral with a special allure of many shades. Some greys are feisty others are shy.
Organized Interiors has a number of interesting grey finishes for our custom closets, home offices, and laundry rooms. Any of our custom cabinetry solutions can be finished with the grey colours listed below. Discover the many unique, intimate details of our shades of grey.
Summer Drops
Summer-DropsOur coolest of greys with flat finish and a slight hint of blue.
Latitude East
Latitude-EastA love-at-first-sight delicate textured grain bringing out the best of its surrounding décor.
Silver Gloss
Silver-GlossDraws you win with its chic metallic finish and mingles well with other colours and textures.
Pizzo Ferrato
Pizzo-FerattoThe texture and warm hue is an instant charmer.
CastellinaWith highlights of beige and delicate dark streaks, the finish has a wide appeal.
Spring Blossom
Spring-BlossomA must see loaded with charisma: a matt finish, streaks of delicate sheen topped with a grainy and textured finish.
Audacity Gloss
Audacity-GlossA chic contemporary feel, charged up with attitude with its a gloss flat finish
Metallic Charcoal
Metalic-CharcoalA unique delicate micro texture which pairs nicely with other finishes.
AntroaciteAs its mineral name implies, the slate polished look and metallic sparkle is a true gem.
TuxedoStylistically, the deeper grey-brown shade bridges across a span of décor styles from traditional to contemporary.
Characteristics Guide
Organized Interiors’ greys are bursting with personality. Many of them have overlapping characteristics that can be described with three categories — sheen, finish and style.
Our design experts are here to help you use these wonderful shades of grey to express your own style. Contact us for more information or visit our showroom to get a better idea of what these shades look like.