Spare Room Ideas: Convert Yours To A Home Office & Guest Room

Space can be at a premium in small homes and condos. Perhaps you find yourself craving a proper home office space, but have overnight guests on a regular enough basis to make you reluctant to change the design of your guest bedroom.

Maybe you have an existing home office space and only have guests stay over a few times a year, but their sleeping accommodations could be improved.

One of the best spare room ideas is to turn your extra room into a multipurpose home office and guest room.

Add a practical, space-saving wall bed to your spare room

A practical wall bed will be one of the key components of your new multipurpose room. Wall beds are also referred to as “Murphy beds” and their biggest benefit is how much space they’ll save you. During the day, the wall bed folds up, creating plenty of floor space. When it’s needed, the wall bed easily unfolds for use.

If your idea of a wall bed involves antiquated images of thin, ugly mattresses and creaky mechanisms, you’ll be surprised at how far they’ve advanced. The modern quality wall bed is stylish and just as comfortable as any other bed.

They’re also a much nicer sleeping option for your guests than makeshift arrangements that has them sleeping on a pullout sofa, futon, cot, or an air mattress on the floor.

Custom wall beds can be built as an individual unit or as part of a larger custom cabinetry unit. You can enjoy the benefits of open shelving, drawers, and built-in lighting in the beautifully crafted cabinetry unit whether the wall bed is down or up.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from a single, double, or queen-sized wall bed. The hardware on our wall beds also comes with a lifetime warranty.

A wall bed creates an instant guest room in a condo.

A wall bed creates an instant guest room in a condo.

Include a closet organizer for your guests’ comfort

If you have guests that stay for lengthier visits than just one night, a closet organizer will help them feel more at home, especially if they’ve brought more than one suitcase. A closet organizer will make it easier for guests to manage their wardrobe during their stay.

And if you’re not entertaining guests for awhile, you can take advantage of the closet organizer’s helpful storage features for temporarily storing some of your extra wardrobe.

Spare room ideas: keep your office supplies organized and hidden

Your dual-purpose office/guest room needs to be kept organized. This makes using it on a daily basis easier and it will require minimal cleanup when houseguests require the space.

Use elegantly designed customized cabinetry for the office to keep all of your office supplies and belongings organized and out of sight.

custom closets and cabinetry

Add some final cozy touches to your multipurpose space

Along with these main design elements of your multipurpose room, add a few tasteful and cozy touches to the space. A rug, fresh plants, and artwork are well-suited to both guest rooms and home offices and add a nice touch of warmth.

Use these spare room ideas to create a multipurpose room and maximize your home’s space. Your guests will definitely appreciate the comfortable surroundings you’ve thoughtfully provided for them!

One of our design consultants will be happy to meet with you in your home to discuss your spare room ideas, so book your free consultation today.

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Eliminate Home Office Clutter And Boost Your Productivity

Organizing home office clutter is a challenge for most of us. But an organized workspace simply makes life easier, whether it’s at your job or in your home.

Most importantly, a tidy home office will improve your productivity.

The Wall Street Journal estimates that office workers waste an average of 40% of their workday because of poor organizational habits.

A clean desk and office also reflects positively on your work ethic and organizational skills.

Get rid of that clutter both at work and in your home office and you’ll notice your work productivity increase in no time.

Eliminate home office clutter with a filing cabinet and a clean desk.

Use your drawers for filing

Cramming papers and office supplies into your desk drawers might keep your desk clean, but it can make bills or documents hard to find.

Consider using one or more of your office drawers for labelled file folder storage. Finding that important document will be much easier.

Digitize files

When all that piled up office paperwork becomes too much, scan your documents and organize them digitally instead.

You can always print out a hard copy if needed and that decrease in clutter will boost your productivity.

Stop making piles

It’s convenient to simply pile documents and folders on top of each other in order to minimize desk clutter.

This isn’t an effective way to manage clutter or stay productive –  you’ll just spend more time organizing in the future.

Rather than putting them into piles, put office papers away properly after you’re done using them.

Don’t forget about your email

Email management is also an important part of office organization. A cluttered email account can decrease productivity and make it difficult to find important messages.

Create email subfolders and spend a little time each day putting your emails into the correct one. Better yet, automate the process using email rules to keep your inbox organized.

custom cabinetry premium finishes

Keep frequently used items nearby

Some office supplies are used every day, but others are only required every few months. Keep frequently used materials close by, such as in your desk drawers.

This ensures you won’t waste time each day sorting through clutter to gather the supplies you need.

Don’t let home office clutter decrease your productivity. Organize the mess and then take the time to maintain your tidy space.

Solutions can be as easy as making better use of your existing office setup or updating your space with an improved office storage system.

Contact a design professional at Organized Interiors today to eliminate your home office clutter.

Help Your Child Refocus After The New Year With An Effective Study Space

The holiday season is officially over and the kids are back to school.

After a long break, it might be difficult for children to get back into the swing of things, but you can help them refocus with these ideas for creating a study space in the home.

Consider your children’s study preferences

Do your kids prefer to work in absolute silence or do they like soft background music? Every child is different, so ask your children what types of environments help them focus and which ones just distract them.

Some kids might need a quiet nook in the corner, but many kids might benefit from doing their homework at the dining room table, where they can interact with you and ask for help if they need it.

Stock up on supplies

From glue sticks to notebooks, there are often many different school supplies that students need to complete their homework and projects.

Stock up on these supplies and organize them with a bookshelf or desk. This will prevent you and your kids from losing items like pens, as well as keep your space clean.


Design a comfortable space

While you don’t want to create a space so comfortable that your kids fall asleep, you do want to design a space that promotes productivity.

A comfortable chair will allow for hours of studying, and a few personal touches like a family photo or a plant can boost their mood and help keep them energized.

Ask us about how we can create a home office space that’s also designed to accommodate your kids’ study needs.

Follow a schedule

Following a consistent schedule can help your children become more efficient and effective while studying.

Work with your kids to set up a time they can dedicate to homework and studying on week nights.

Some children might prefer to finish everything right after school, while others might want to wait until after dinner.

Give them something to look forward to after studying

Your kids work hard studying for school, so make the effort worthwhile by adding a little fun into the mix.

You could bring the family together to play a game or go out for ice cream to keep their spirits and energy up.

7 Tips To Keeping A Home Office Organized

organized desktop with paper, pens, headphones
Working from a home office has many advantages, such as a more flexible schedule, no commute and a relaxed dress code.

Even though you don’t have to wear a suit to work from home, though, you do still have to deal with office clutter.

Keep your home office organized, tidy and clutter-free with these 7 tips.

1. Keep your desk’s surface space clear

A cluttered desk can be distracting. To avoid a mess, keep only the supplies and equipment you use everyday on your desk.

2. Customize your drawers

Stuffing papers into your drawer might make your room look clean, but unorganized drawers can make important documents difficult to find. Use a filing system to keep both your room and cabinets tidy.

3. Label, label, label

A good labeling system will keep you from wasting time searching for your stuff. Label the outsides of cabinets and drawers, as well as the folders inside.

4. Get rid of old junk

It’s easy to let clutter pile up and take up space. Go through all of your papers, books and supplies to get rid of the items you no longer need.

5. Control your cables

Quirky Cordies cable management systemExcess cables are not only annoying, they’re also an eyesore. You can eliminate some of the cords by going wireless (printer, keyboard mouse, etc.).

Are USB cables, laptop power cables, or audio cables taking over your desk? Try using something like Quirky Cordies Desktop Cable Management to tidy things up.

6. De-clutter your computer

Your room is not the only area that needs de-cluttering. Organize your computer files and emails to make your work days more efficient, too.

7. Set aside 10 minutes at the end of each day to clean

The best way to prevent your home office from becoming too messy and unorganized again is to pick up after yourself each day.

Before you call it quits, take some time to put away files and clear your desk so you can start off the next day right.

10 Kids Study Room Essentials for Back to School Success

As summer vacation comes to a close, now is the time to start preparing your kids for the new school year.

A kids study room, whether it’s an unused stairwell landing or a spare room, can help your children focus and study more effectively – especially if it includes these 10 kids study room essentials.

1. Shelves

With shelves, your student will have a place to store his or her school books and easy-to-reach pencil crayon jars, magazine holders or stackable storage boxes.

2. Counter space

It’s important that kids have enough counter space for their computers, books, notebooks and any other school supplies they’ll need during study time.

desk space to work

3. Drawers

A clear work space will help eliminate distractions. Make sure your kids’ study room has drawers for files and supplies like paper, pencils and clips.

4. Quiet music

Some students prefer complete silence while studying. If your kids like to have a little background noise, however, try playing quiet instrumental music.

5. The right colour scheme

The colours you choose for a study area can actually impact productivity. Try incorporating blue into the colour scheme, which is said to boost productivity and reduce stress levels.

comfortable blue desk chair

6. A comfortable desk chair

Your child won’t be able to focus if he or she is sitting on an uncomfortable chair. Look for a chair that is supportive and has a lot of padding.

7. Good lighting

As in a home office, bad lighting can cause eye strain and headaches. To create a well-lit study area, set up a lamp next to your kids’ work space or add LED ribbon lights under shelving.

8. Plants

Fresh plants can bring energy to a space. Try adding a plant or two in the study area. Choose one that is easy to take care of with little or no trace of a fragrance.

9. Mood boosters

A few photos or decorative pieces can help you create a study room that your kids actually enjoy.

10. Dedicated study times

If your kids gets in the habit of studying each day, they’re likely to improve in school. Schedule a study time either right after school or before bed, and leave the remaining hours for play and family time.

Ready to start setting up your kids study room? Schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with us for a pro’s touch when designing a study space for your home.