8 Amazing Benefits of Owning a Space-Saving Wall Bed

One might think that the idea for a Murphy bed (also known as a wall bed) originated with the man it’s named after, William Murphy.

In fact, while it was Murphy’s folding bed design that became popular in the early 1900s, foldaway wall beds had actually been around in various forms for a few decades before that.

Since then, they’ve come quite a long way in terms of style, safety, and functionality. In smaller living spaces, space-saving wall beds are particularly useful.

Here are eight great benefits that custom wall beds can bring to your home.

space-saving wall bed in a condo

1. Wall beds save you a lot of space

In micro-condos and tiny apartments, wall beds are essential because of how little space they take up. Even in larger living areas, a space-saving wall bed unit can be quite convenient to have.

By utilizing the unused vertical space on one of your walls, a wall bed takes up very little room and won’t be in the way when you’re not using it.

Simply pull the bed down out of the wall when you or your houseguests are ready to retire for the night. In the morning, the bed easily folds up to free up a significant portion of floor space.

2. A genuine Murphy bed is the highest quality wall bed available

Generic terms are commonly used to refer to certain types of products. For example, words like “kleenex”, “zipper”, “thermos”, and “aspirin” are used by most of us to describe similar products that may not actually bear these trademarked names. There’s a good reason that this happens.

The Murphy bed is no different. While you can find various brands of wall beds available, this unique piece of integrated furniture is most commonly known as a “Murphy bed”. That’s because of the industry leader reputation that Murphy beds have had for around a century now.

Organized Interiors only sells genuine, high quality Murphy beds. Along with a lifetime guarantee on the bed’s hardware and its durable design, a Murphy bed is also the most comfortable modern wall bed you’ll ever sleep in.

3. Enjoy the safe, ease-of-use a wall bed offers

You may be wondering how easy it is to open and close a wall bed. The innovative spring system our Murphy beds are designed with makes it very simple to open and close the bed. They’re also very safe to use.

Read our wall bed usage guide or watch the following video demonstration:

4. A space-saving wall bed is as comfortable as a conventional bed

Rest assured that a space-saving wall bed comes with a high quality coil mattress that is every bit as comfortable as sleeping in a conventional bed.

Your houseguests will certainly appreciate the comfortable sleep they’ll experience on it. Sleeping on an air mattress, rolling cot, or pull-out sofa bed just doesn’t compare.

To test drive the comfort of a wall bed for yourself, visit Organized Interiors’ 10,000 square foot showroom. You can also see just how effortless a wall bed is to open and close.

5. Customize your wall bed to fit your needs

Our designers can customize your wall bed to satisfy your tastes and needs, such as including a pull-out nightstand. These are some of the other custom options available:

  • single, double, or queen-sized wall beds available
  • can be designed as an individual unit or as part of a larger custom cabinetry unit
  • various wood finishes to choose from
  • open and closed storage options available (such as shelving or incorporating storage for pillows and blankets into the headboard)
  • add built-in lighting for accent or reading purposes

6. Murphy beds look great and complement your home’s decor

The high level of customization that a Murphy bed comes with means our designers will be able to create a unit that nicely complements your home’s decor, whether the bed is open or closed.

A wall bed can be designed to fold up into a beautifully crafted cabinet unit that remains functional during the day while the bed isn’t needed.

7. Wall beds create a multi-purpose space in your home

Almost any room in your home will see its versatility greatly improved by becoming a multi-purpose guest room with a space-saving wall bed. In particular, your home office can easily become a cozy bedroom for houseguests by adding a wall bed.

Home office and spare bedroom with space-saving wall bed

8. Wall beds keep providing value even when you decide to move

Even when you decide to move, wall beds will keep providing value. When moving time comes, Organized Interiors can disassemble your wall bed and transport it to your new residence, where we’ll reassemble it.

Or if you decided to leave the wall bed behind when you move, its value can be factored into the resale value of your house, condo, or apartment. Don’t wait any longer when it comes to maximizing the space in your home.

Book your free in-home consultation today, where one of design experts can answer any questions you might have about wall beds and where one can work best in your home.

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Spare Room Ideas: Convert Yours To A Home Office & Guest Room

Space can be at a premium in small homes and condos. Perhaps you find yourself craving a proper home office space, but have overnight guests on a regular enough basis to make you reluctant to change the design of your guest bedroom.

Maybe you have an existing home office space and only have guests stay over a few times a year, but their sleeping accommodations could be improved.

One of the best spare room ideas is to turn your extra room into a multipurpose home office and guest room.

Add a practical, space-saving wall bed to your spare room

A practical wall bed will be one of the key components of your new multipurpose room. Wall beds are also referred to as “Murphy beds” and their biggest benefit is how much space they’ll save you. During the day, the wall bed folds up, creating plenty of floor space. When it’s needed, the wall bed easily unfolds for use.

If your idea of a wall bed involves antiquated images of thin, ugly mattresses and creaky mechanisms, you’ll be surprised at how far they’ve advanced. The modern quality wall bed is stylish and just as comfortable as any other bed.

They’re also a much nicer sleeping option for your guests than makeshift arrangements that has them sleeping on a pullout sofa, futon, cot, or an air mattress on the floor.

Custom wall beds can be built as an individual unit or as part of a larger custom cabinetry unit. You can enjoy the benefits of open shelving, drawers, and built-in lighting in the beautifully crafted cabinetry unit whether the wall bed is down or up.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from a single, double, or queen-sized wall bed. The hardware on our wall beds also comes with a lifetime warranty.

A wall bed creates an instant guest room in a condo.

A wall bed creates an instant guest room in a condo.

Include a closet organizer for your guests’ comfort

If you have guests that stay for lengthier visits than just one night, a closet organizer will help them feel more at home, especially if they’ve brought more than one suitcase. A closet organizer will make it easier for guests to manage their wardrobe during their stay.

And if you’re not entertaining guests for awhile, you can take advantage of the closet organizer’s helpful storage features for temporarily storing some of your extra wardrobe.

Spare room ideas: keep your office supplies organized and hidden

Your dual-purpose office/guest room needs to be kept organized. This makes using it on a daily basis easier and it will require minimal cleanup when houseguests require the space.

Use elegantly designed customized cabinetry for the office to keep all of your office supplies and belongings organized and out of sight.

custom closets and cabinetry

Add some final cozy touches to your multipurpose space

Along with these main design elements of your multipurpose room, add a few tasteful and cozy touches to the space. A rug, fresh plants, and artwork are well-suited to both guest rooms and home offices and add a nice touch of warmth.

Use these spare room ideas to create a multipurpose room and maximize your home’s space. Your guests will definitely appreciate the comfortable surroundings you’ve thoughtfully provided for them!

One of our design consultants will be happy to meet with you in your home to discuss your spare room ideas, so book your free consultation today.

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How To Maximize Space In A Micro-Condo With Custom Cabinetry

When putting together a home sweet home, oftentimes it’s not the amount of space you have, but how you use your space that matters.

That’s why the newest housing trend, micro-condos, is becoming more and more popular in Toronto and other Canadian cities.

Micro-condos are units that are typically smaller than 400 square feet. Sounds tiny, right? Well, they’re increasingly becoming an attractive option for a wide array of homebuyers, especially in this time of soaring housing prices.

Young professionals, students, first-time buyers, and even people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s looking to dramatically downsize their living arrangements are realizing the benefits of inhabiting these uniquely designed modern spaces.

Micro-condos are often built downtown, which lets owners and renters easily get around the city by walking. They also force people to get organized. Why? Because living in a cluttered micro-condo simply doesn’t work.

That’s where expertly designed organization solutions like custom cabinetry, wall beds, and closet organizers can help maximize the limited space you have available.

Custom kitchen cabinetry for storing coffee and tea supplies.

Use your small space efficiently with custom cabinetry

Significantly downsizing your number of possessions is an essential when you decide to try micro-condo living. A great way to manage the belongings you do keep is by installing custom cabinetry.

Custom cabinetry can be installed in your living room/sleeping area or kitchen. When installed by professionals, custom cabinetry will fit your cozy space perfectly, allow you to stay organized, and add beauty to your mini-condo’s appearance.

Make the most of your closet space with a closet organizer

Closet space in a mini-condo is at a premium, so why not make the most of yours? A closet organizer is the best option for maximizing your closet’s organizational potential.

By designing it to your space’s exact specifications, our experts can provide you with a closet organization solution that will help keep your micro-condo clutter-free.

Consider your wall bed options

Wall beds are tailor-made for small condos because they fold up into your wall when not in use, usually allowing for the use of other furniture.

While micro-condos typically come with a wall bed installed, you might not be satisfied with the comfort level you’re getting out of it.

Or perhaps you have guests who stay overnight regularly enough to justify adding another wall bed to your micro-condo, if space allows. Organized Interiors can help.

wall bed with pillows
Micro-condos might be small, but they can still provide the same functionality as a larger living space and be just as organized with the right customized designs.

If you’re a micro-condo dweller or planning a move to one, book a free in-home consultation to help you get the most of your small space.

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Space-Saving Murphy Beds Are Back

When you hear the term Murphy bed or wall bed you might picture a small, springy mattress tucked behind a closet door.

Murphy beds have come a long way in recent years, and they are showing up in smaller houses and condos once more for good reason.

Murphy bed

A Murphy bed in chocolate pear tucks away in this home library.

Not your mother’s Hide-A-Bed

In her article featured in The Globe and Mail last year writer, Ellen Himelfarb describes the new slick designs as, “Not your mother’s hide-a-bed, to be sure.” She noted the demand for Murphy beds is increasing.

Versatile design is key

New designs have transformed the Murphy bed into a space-saving, stylish and comfortable addition to one’s home. Murphy beds are now designed to look great whether they’re in use, or tucked away.

Reclaim your space

Wall beds help you reclaim your space. If you live in a tiny condo, a Murphy bed is essentially a must-have. Unlike regular beds, Murphy beds take up no space during the day.

You can design a workroom, a work out area, dining room, office or even a living room around a Murphy bed. Use the space the way you want to during the day.

When it’s time to go to sleep, simply pull down your bed and enjoy resting on a high-quality, comfortable mattress.

The right fit

When guests come to stay, they’ll never guess that there’s a bed hiding behind your beautiful cabinetry.

The newest wall bed designs can be customized to fit right into your home’s style. This ensures your wall bed enhances your overall design.

Easy to operate wall bed

Spring-balanced Murphy beds are safe and easy to operate.

Easy-peasy to operate

The latest wall beds are easy to lift and pull down. “And they don’t take 500 pounds of person-power to stow away,” Himelfarb wrote.

Companies now offer beds designed with ease of use in mind. Organized Interiors’ wall beds, for example, feature a patented spring-based mechanism that makes both lifting and lowering the bed a breeze. And safe!

When you live in a small space, the Murphy bed simply makes the most sense.

How a Wall Bed Improved Valerie’s Condo

When Valerie Tunis moved to her condo just west of Toronto, she was looking for a way to turn a second bedroom into a multi-functional space.

The room measured 9′ x 14′ and had to work as a home office, a den, and a guest room.

Condo living

She found the answer in a magazine specializing in condo living. To save space and add a bed to an office/den, the best solution was a murphy bed.

It folds out of the way during the day and turns the room into a guest space at night. Valerie was sold and purchased a custom murphy wall bed from Organized Interiors.

A modern wall bed creates an instant guest room in a condo.

A murphy bed creates an instant guest room in any condo.

Easy to operate

At 120 pounds she was concerned that she wouldn’t be strong enough to pull down the wall bed by herself.

To her surprise, it was a breeze. She even moved her desk by herself to accommodate the open bed with the help of furniture sliders.

Wall bed demonstration

Comfortable mattress

After years of use by her visiting family she will happily tell you that her mother-in-law, daughter, granddaughter, and grandson have each had a turn at the bed and found it to be extremely comfortable.

The mattress that came with the wall bed is in great shape proving that murphy beds stand the test of time.

Increase resale value

In the future if she decides to move, Valerie believes the wall bed will add value to the resale of her condo.

Strong warranty support on Murphy Bed hardware

The Murphy Bed hardware used on Organized Interiors wall beds is supported by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty – so you know it’s reliable.

Organized Interiors offers wall bed instructions resource for realtors to demonstrate the bed features during showings.

Take it with you

If Valerie decides to take the bed with her, Organized Interiors can disassemble, pack the components, load the truck, transport it, unload and reassemble the wall bed in her new home.
Talk about customer service and satisfaction!

Valerie is a big fan of her Murphy bed and the attention she received from the professionals at Organized Interiors. Here is what she had to say about her wall bed:
Valerie Tunis

Love our Murphy Bed! Our spare room is an office/guest room! Couldn’t have asked for a better company to install it (very clean & efficient) and love the quality. It is now six years old and there have been no issues with it – it’s like new! The mattress that was supplied with the bed is very comfortable! Everyone should have one!

Murphy bed test drive

Visit the Organized Interiors showroom and see how easy the wall beds are to use. Lay down on one. Find out how comfortable the mattress is.

If you have any questions contact us or talk to one of the design consultants in our showroom.