The Watch Winder and Storage Space Every Watch Collector’s Closet Needs

Collectors of high quality watches should have a watch winder and storage space, especially when their collection begins to grow.

Among the smart closet accessories Organized Interiors carries is a custom watch winder and storage solution that’s perfect for any watch connoisseur.

A watch winder and storage space protects your investment

Whether your premium watch collection consists of a couple of timepieces or has grown to a number much larger, it’s wise to protect your investment.

High quality watches have traditionally been passed down from one generation to the next. Having a custom watch winder and storage space that keeps them properly stored, organized, and wound will lengthen the life of your timepieces.

Organized Interiors exclusively uses high quality Orbita watch winders in our custom watch storage designs for closets and dressing rooms.

watch winder and storage drawer

Why we exclusively use Orbita watch winders

Orbita is an American company that was started in 1996 after founder Charles Agnoff was given a Rolex as a retirement gift.

Although he loved the stylish look of the watch, he was frustrated that its otherwise brilliant design necessitated the time and date to be reset if the timepiece wasn’t worn for a few days.

He applied his background in mechanical engineering to devise a winder that kept the watch wound and went on to find great success with his concept.

Organized Interiors is firmly committed to using the highest quality products in our clients’ projects and Orbita watch winders certainly adhere to this philosophy.

Orbita is considered the world’s leading manufacturer of watch winders and is renowned for its innovation and exceptional quality.

Why is a watch winder worth having?

If you’re unfamiliar with why a watch winder might be needed, here’s the reasoning. Automatic watches (also referred to as self-winding, mechanical, or some variation of all three terms) have a self-winding mechanism.

The self-winding process only occurs when the watch is worn regularly, however. That’s because it’s activated by detecting regular wrist movement.

If your luxury watch goes days or weeks without being worn, it stops running. The next time you wear the watch, the time and date will need to be updated.

If you have a larger watch collection, this can be inconvenient because you’ll assuredly be changing your watches regularly to suit your mood or a specific wardrobe choice.

A watch winder simply keeps the watch always running, thereby keeping the time and date accurate, in addition to keeping it well-maintained.

watch winder and storage case

The innovative winding technology in Orbita watch winders

Orbita’s unique Rotorwind technology is a great example of their innovative design approach. Unlike traditional watch winders, the Rotorwind system actually replicates the motion of the wrist, which activates the self-winding mechanism.

Using a tiny amount of lithium battery power, the winding system activates every few minutes to keep the watch running. Orbita also sells traditional rotating-style watch winders that can be programmed, depending on the individual needs of your watches.

A watch winder and storage space showcases your collection

Our custom watch winder and storage space designs will do more than just provide an area to keep your treasured timepieces stored, protected, and well-organized. We can design a closet, dressing room, or bedroom space for your watches that will enhance their natural beauty.

Your watch winder and storage space can be added to an elegant custom drawer with felt lining. For a more visible storage space, we can design a beautiful glass case that shows off your prized watch collection. Regardless of the size of your collection of fine watches, we can accommodate your needs.

watch winder and storage case 2

Learn more about our watch winder and storage space solutions

You can learn more about our elegant watch winder and storage space solutions and other helpful closet accessories by visiting our 10,000 square foot showroom.

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day just around the corner, why not consider this stylish and functional gift idea for the watch connoisseur in your life?

Schedule your free in-home design consultation today and you’ll be able to make that happen.

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17 Effective Closet Accessory Storage Solutions Every Closet Needs

Your inability to keep your closets organized has lead you to seek out effective closet accessory storage solutions.

Congratulations, you’ve taken a positive first step towards reclaiming your closet space and putting the daily frustrations that a disorganized closet causes well behind you!

You find that there are many types of closet accessory storage options available, however.

Which ones are the most effective at getting the most out of your investment in a redesign of your closet space? You certainly can’t go wrong with any of these 17 effective closet accessory storage solutions.

1. Valet rods – the perfect closet accessory

Retractable valet rods are a closet accessory storage product that are somewhat underappreciated…at least until you own one.

They’re small, but nicely enhance your ability to hang clothing in the closet (and better than using a doorknob or the top of a door as hanging space).

Valet rods are ideal for hanging dry cleaning, your outfit for the following day, or even for steaming your clothing.

valet rod

2. Pullout tie rack

A pullout tie rack will keep your tie collection organized. This low profile closet accessory storage idea smoothly pulls out and allows you to easily view all of your available tie options.

A tie rack also keeps your ties wrinkle-free.

3. Pullout scarf rack

Similar to the tie rack is a pullout scarf rack. This useful space-saving closet accessory provides a dedicated home for your delicate scarves, keeping them organized and less prone to becoming wrinkled.

4. Drawer dividers as closet accessory storage

Drawer dividers can be a very useful item in any custom cabinetry drawer located in dressing rooms/large walk-in closets.

They can also be incorporated into your custom closet organizer design. Choose from wood drawer dividers in a number of attractive finishes or acrylic clear dividers.

Drawer dividers are also a smart alternative solution to pullout tie racks or scarf racks in the closet. They help keep your ties, scarves, socks, underwear, and other smaller clothing items grouped together and easily identifiable.

5. Four position hanger

Enjoy additional hanging options in the closet with our handy four position hanger. This small hanging bar is strong and lets you hang multiple items of clothing using four adjustable positions.

Four position hangers can also be used on a bedroom wall, the side of a cabinet, and in the laundry room.

closet accessory storage four position hanger

6. Sliding belt rack

Our low profile sliding belt rack provides a space for hanging your belts in the closet. It helps your belts maintain their form and even though a sliding belt rack may be small, its high quality look helps enhance your inner closet decor.

7. Pullout pant rack

Adding a pullout pant rack in your closet’s lower storage area makes very efficient use of your closet’s storage space.

Having a dedicated home for your pants improves your ability to easily find a specific pair and also to keep your pants well-pressed and less prone to ending up on the ironing board.

closet accessory storage pant rack

8. Pullout ironing board

Speaking of ironing boards, we can design a system that adds a pullout ironing board to a drawer located in your closet.

This unique and innovative idea saves space, making the ironing board easily accessible when it’s needed and completely out of the way when it’s not. A pullout ironing board is also ideal for laundry rooms.

9. High quality wooden hangers

You might not give much thought to what kind of clothes hangers you use, but it’s something worth considering.

Sturdy wood and plastic hangers are recommended to preserve the form and lives of the garments that will be hanging on them and are better than wire hangers.

We carry premium cherry and white hardwood hangers and you can get 160 of them free with any Organized Interiors closet or wardrobe order. Premium hangers have the following benefits:

  • smart design features like a supportive crossbar that minimizes slippage and creasing
  • notches for dress straps to hold them securely in place
  • they give your closet space a nice uniform look instead of having hangers of all different types of colours

10. Choose from the largest selection of decorative hardware in Toronto

We have a wealth of high quality decorative hardware to choose from for your custom cabinetry and closet space.

In fact, Organized Interiors has the largest selection of Richelieu hardware in the Toronto area and one of the biggest selections in the entire country.

Visit our 10,000 square foot showroom and get lost in the hundred of decorative samples that have been created by world-renowned designers.

You won’t have a problem finding the right styles of hooks that can be used in the closet for hanging belts, hats, or other hangable items.

decorative hardware gallery in Organized Interiors showroom

11. Pullout drawers for shoes

We can design a pullout storage system for your shoe collection that looks great, maximizes storage space, protects your shoes, and keeps them organized.

Our custom manufacturing capabilities let us design your shoe pullout to the exact depth your closet space requires. The pullout features a front railing that keeps your shoes from falling. This pullout design is also ideal for storing purses.

12. A jewellery drawer adds safe closet accessory storage space

Instead of using a jewellery box, consider adding a jewellery drawer to your closet space. It keeps your treasured belongings safer and more hidden.

The velvet-lined drawer adds an elegant touch befitting of your valuables and spacers enable you to maintain an organized jewellery storage area.

13. Hidden document drawer

Certain critically important documents like an insurance policy or will need to be kept in a safe space. Instead of an out-of-the-way safety deposit box, consider one of our hidden document drawers for the closet.

These drawers keep your documents easily accessible, while also keeping them secure and well-hidden. An additional secure storage solution for the home we have available are safes.

14. Felt storage box

For a closet accessory storage idea that also looks stylish, try our felt storage box that comes in a 13″ cube design. The storage box can hold magazines, trinkets, and other household belongings.

When it isn’t needed, the innovative space-saving design of the box conveniently lets you fold it flat and store it within the lid.

15. Built-in laundry hamper

You should consider a built-in laundry hamper for a closet, dressing room, or laundry room for these reasons:

  • the built-in design of the laundry hamper keep your dirty clothes hidden
  • keep your dirty laundry organized and sorted (multiple hampers can be added for separating colours and fabrics)
  • simply pull out the cloth bag to transport your dirty clothes to the laundry room

16. Watch winders and storage

For watch collectors, your closet space can include high quality Orbita watch winders that are kept in custom-designed cases, cabinets, or drawers.

closet accessory storage watch winder

17. Chrome hanging bar

You’ll immediately notice the difference in quality between our chrome hanging bars and your closet’s existing hanging bar, both in terms of looks and the quality of material.

We can suggest just the right spot to add an additional hanging bar to get more hanging space in your closet.

Let’s discuss your closet accessory storage options

We want to help you improve your closet’s functionality and storage capabilities.

These closet accessory storage solutions will definitely help, so why not take advantage of our free in-home design consultation offer today?

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Discover The Big Benefits Of These 9 Small Closet Organization Ideas

Are the small closets in your home making it a challenge to find storage space for your belongings, resulting in disorganization and clutter?

If so, there are some effective small closet organization ideas you should be considering.

Smart small closet organization ideas make it easier to maintain tidy spaces

Keeping small closet spaces tidy is actually quite manageable if you’re making use of smart small closet organization ideas and products.

Wasting even a small amount of the limited storage space at your disposal is a recipe for clutter buildup.

It will also create repeated future occurrences of you rediscovering items buried in your closet that you forgot you even had, due to disorganization.

Eliminate these scenarios by using these small closet organization ideas.

1. Declutter and re-evaluate your closet storage system

If you’re having issues with storage space and staying organized, your first step is to declutter.

After that, you need ask yourself exactly why it’s such a challenge to keep your bedroom and small closets tidy. Yes, a lack of storage space is a significant reason, but are you truly maximizing the storage space in your small closets?

Objectively re-evaluating your closet storage system just may lead you to discover that your small closet space isn’t being fully optimized. This can be due to a few reasons:

  • the closet storage system being outdated
  • you or a previous owner using poorly designed DIY closet storage ideas
  • you have a one-size-fits-all closet storage system that wasn’t custom-made for your closet space

small closet organization ideas wardrobe

2. Prioritize your closet’s contents

Small closet spaces really emphasize the importance of prioritizing the contents that will be kept inside them. Avoid keeping wardrobe items that are out-of-season in a small closet. Move them to a more spacious storage area of your home.

The same goes for suitcases. If you travel infrequently, as most of us do, it’s not practical to have bulky suitcases occupying valuable closet space that’s used daily. Put your moved out-of-season clothing in the suitcases to cut down on storage space.

Create as much closet space as possible for the items you use regularly and semi-regularly.

3. Keep infrequently used items up high

If moving the aforementioned infrequently used items elsewhere isn’t an option due to a severe lack of space where you live, there is another option.

Use your closet’s vertical space and keep these items up high and out of the way. We can design a vertical storage solution that can fit any closet space, even ones with unconventional dimensions.

You can also use our stylish and handy felt storage boxes for holding smaller items.

4. Use a custom closet organizer for maximum storage efficiency

Custom closet organizers are your best solution to get the most out of a small closet space.

Our high quality closet organizers are custom-made by our own hands, so we can design a closet storage system that’s exactly tailored to your space (including adding features like cubbies and open shelving storage).

Custom closets also give you the freedom to choose the types of finish, hardware accessories, and other design elements you’re partial to.

Organized  SmartLine Closet system is modular and wall-mounted, which leaves your closet floor space clear. The SmartLine system also allows for plenty of flexibility to accommodate your changing storage needs.

Our Classic Closet system is floor-mounted and really maximizes storage in small closets, in addition to enhancing your bedroom’s decor.

small closet organization ideas

5. Add more closet hanging options

Add extra hanging bars in a closet to maximize your hanging options. A second hanging bar at a lower level in your closet for pants and other items frees up space on your top bar.

In fact, we can even get creative and install our high quality chrome hanging bars in a perpendicular (front to back) fashion in your closet corners, if space allows.

Free up additional hanging space by moving t-shirts and tank tops to your dresser and using our handy drawer dividers.

6. Enhance your closet space further with helpful closet accessories

You can further enhance the functionality of your closet space by adding hanging closet accessories such as a valet rod, four position hanger, sliding belt rack, and tie holder.

We also have a huge selection of decorative hardware that includes stylish hooks for hanging additional items. Pullout storage can also be added to hold your shoe and purse collection.

7. Use every inch of your closet

Making the most of your limited closet space means utilizing every inch of it, including the closet door. Some of your closet accessories can be attached to the inside of your closet door.

The high quality of our hanging accessories means your belongings will stay secure when opening and closing the door.

small closet organization ideas bed surround

8. Consider additional bedroom storage solutions

We have other great custom storage solutions for the bedroom that make it easier to keep belongings out of your closet:

  • Dressing rooms (or large walk-in closets) are ideal for creating more closet space from a spare room
  • Our create-a-closet® system can make new closet space just about anywhere in your home
  • Custom-fitted wardrobe closets combine extra storage space with refined looks
  • Bed surrounds maximize the storage space in your bedroom or guest room

9. Talk to an expert about your small closet organization ideas

Consider all of these small closet organization ideas. Then talk with a custom closet and organization expert to help you fully realize your vision of a small closet space that works.

Knowing all aspects of closet storage and organization is Organized Interiors’ specialty.

We have more than 40 years of experience in this area. Our expert guidance can help you navigate through the closet storage waters for the bedroom and other areas of your home.

You can discuss these small closet organization ideas and solutions with one of our design professionals by booking your free in-home consultation.

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Find out How These Closet Door Ideas Will Improve Your Bedroom Space

One aspect of your bedroom that may not have gotten the attention it deserves is your closet doors.

There’s a lot of opportunity to improve your bedroom space, however, simply by using some of these useful closet door ideas.

Enhance your bedroom’s decor with these closet door ideas

Closet doors are capable of being used for more than just hiding the contents of a messy closet. They offer the chance to enhance the décor in your bedroom.

Our high quality closet doors come in the following types:

  • sliding
  • bifold
  • solid panel
  • mirrored

Mirrored and wood surfaces can be combined to create a truly dynamic bedroom aesthetic. We have the best selection of detailed mirrored door designs in Canada.

Mirrored closet doors make a room seem larger and brighter, as well as saving you the space that a full-length wall or floor mirror would require.

Adding floor-to-ceiling closet doors also helps to make a room seem larger. Choose from a wide variety of wood finishes and mirror styles, in addition to framing (or frameless) options.

mirror closet door ideas

Custom closet doors are your best choice

Why buy your closet doors at a big box retailer with their limited one-size-fits-all selection and the hassle of installing them yourself? For the best closet door ideas, come to Organized Interiors.

We manufacture our own closet doors, which means it’s easier to achieve the look you want for your closet doors.

Custom-made closet doors also offer more flexibility for closet spaces with unique and unconventional dimensions. We oversee every aspect of your closet doors, from design to manufacturing to installation.

This beginning-to-end approach to our customer’s product means they’re assured of complete satisfaction with both the look and fit of their doors.

Easily access the contents of your closet

Sliding closet doors don’t open into the room, so they use less space. Our closet doors are manufactured with the highest quality track and hardware systems, ensuring many years of smooth, silent, and effortless performance.

We also offer a tri-access door system, which gives you almost 100% access to the items in your closet.

closet door ideas create-a-closet

Transform unused bedroom space into closet space with create-a-closet®

Our create-a-closet® concept lets you use your bedroom’s unused space to create a floor-to-ceiling freestanding closet that gives you more storage space.

It can be installed quickly with none of the mess, inconvenience, or high cost that comes with a home renovation project.

We’ll help you assess the best spot for your create-a-closet®. Once we’ve installed the hardware, gables, and closet doors in your style of choice, your functional and stylish closet will be ready to use.

create-a-closet® works great in any room in your home that could benefit from additional closet space.

Complement your closet doors with an organizer and accessories

You can complement these closet door ideas by adding additional closet storage and organization solutions:

  • a modular SmartLine closet organizer leaves floor space clear, maximizes closet storage space and functionality, and can be adjusted as your needs change
  • closet accessories like retractable valet rods and four position hangers take up little space and provide extra hanging space
  • sliding belt racks keep your belts organized and helps them maintain their shape
  • felt storage boxes look stylish, are ideal for storing household items, and fold up when they’re not being used

These closet door ideas can work in a bedroom, guest room, and home office.

Visit our unique showroom, which has all of these closet door ideas and much more that will capture your imagination.

You can schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our design experts to discuss your plans to improve your closet space.

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How A Custom Closet For Dad Will Make His Father’s Day

Let’s face it – Father’s Day doesn’t get the same level of respect as Mother’s Day.

In the U.S., Mother’s Day was officially declared a national holiday in 1914. Father’s Day wasn’t granted the same status until almost six decades later, in 1972.

Furthermore, a survey conducted last year by the National Retail Federation found that American consumers were expected to spend $13 billion on Father’s Day gifts that year versus $21 billion spent on mom’s special day.

Why not do your part to help balance the scales of gift-giving inequity? Make dad’s day this coming Father’s Day with the unique and practical gift of a custom closet and some handy closet accessories to help him get organized.

A custom closet maximizes dad’s storage space

A professionally designed custom closet maximizes your available storage space and your ability to get organized and stay organized.

Shoe racks, closet shelving that can hold out-of-season clothing, drawers with dividers, and other handy features will make dad’s daily routine much smoother.

He’ll love the vastly improved sense of order he’ll experience in the bedroom with his wardrobe and other belongings.

Improve marital harmony

Adding a custom closet can minimize bickering between couples that may occur due to a lack of storage space in the bedroom.

After all, more closet space for dad also means more storage freedom for mom!

Add value to your home

Unlike most store-bought closet organizers, a custom closet designed by a professional is high quality and built for a long life.

This adds value to your home. It can also be designed to complement your bedroom’s decor.

Complement your new addition with closet accessories

There are a wide range of closet accessories to elevate the amazing functionality of a custom closet to even greater heights.

  • a tie rack lets you easily find any tie you need and is a much better option than letting them get wrinkled by folding them up in a drawer or hanging them over a hanger or the closet rod
  • retractable valet rods don’t take up much room and provide a space to hang your ready-to-go outfit for the next day
  • a low profile belt rack allows you to keep your belts properly organized and can be installed just about anywhere in a custom closet
  • a watch winder and storage space for your watches (in drawers or a glass-covered cabinet) are the perfect home for dad’s collection of fine timepieces

Tie rack

Spend less time ironing

When your clothes are jammed into too confined a space, they’re more likely to wrinkle.

A custom closet allows you to keep more space between clothing that’s more susceptible to wrinkling, like dress pants and dress shirts. Improved closet spacing means less time on the ironing board.

Buck the trend of buying a traditional and unimaginative Father’s Day gift this year, such as a tie.

A custom closet organization solution for dad on his special day will surprise and delight him, delivering the benefits of more space and enhanced organization capabilities on a daily basis for years.

Visit our showroom for some custom closet ideas and when you’re ready, book a free in-home consultation with one of our designers.

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