9 Smart Strategies to Get More out of Your Small Closet Storage Space

There’s no doubt that a small closet storage space isn’t exactly ideal.

Small closets typically are more difficult to keep organized, especially if they’re not designed very well and lack important features. And messy closets always result in aggravation, stress, and time wasted looking for things.

A OnePoll survey found that 3 in 10 women believe an organized closet would make their mornings less stressful. The same survey also found that 47% of women struggle when it comes to picking a work outfit from their closet.

While indecision plays a role in how much time is wasted, closet disorganization undoubtedly plays a much larger role in your day getting off to a less-than-productive start.

That’s not to say larger closet spaces are easy to keep organized, mind you. You just have more leeway when it comes to making mistakes with the storage optimization of the space.

How do you maximize your small closet storage space?

Small closets can obviously be found everywhere, particularly in older homes and small condos. So what’s the secret to making the most of such a small space?

The solution to your small closet storage woes lies with smarter storage and organizations solutions that facilitate better space management. Being more choosy about what’s kept in your closet also helps.

A small closet storage space is, in fact, capable of being well-organized and very functional. And we’ll show you how to accomplish this with these nine smart strategies for getting more out of your small closet storage space.

1. Be more finicky about what’s kept in the closet

When you have a small closet storage space, it’s imperative to be more finicky and selective about what’s kept in your closet. You simply don’t have enough space in there to store clothing that’s barely worn. Or never worn.

One study found that American women have an average of $550 worth of unworn clothing in their closets.

Pare down your closet wardrobe so that everyday and weekly clothing favourites are prioritized. Clothing gets lost and buried in disorganized closets. If an item of clothing is easily visible in your closet, you’ll be far more likely to actually wear it.

And if you’re wearing it regularly (or at least semi-regularly), it’s worth the valuable small closet storage space it’s occupying.

small closet storage classic organizer

The Classic closet organizer can make your small closet storage space easier to keep organized.

2. Add closet organizers

You’ll find it easier to keep a small closet space tidy (or any closet space, for that matter) by adding a closet organizer to it. Custom closet organizers are a better choice than the one-size-fits-all types you’ll find at a big box store.

They can be custom-designed to perfect fit within your small closet storage space. Every inch of precious space within your small closet will be considered when your custom closet organizer is designed. That maximizes its functionality.

A custom closet organizer’s variety of design options also gives you more freedom to complement your home’s décor. Our SmartLine and Classic organizers can transform your closet space.

3. Don’t keep seasonal clothing in your small closet storage space

Store seasonal clothing somewhere else besides your small closet storage space. When closet space is at a premium, keeping clothing that’s only worn for half the year (or less) just doesn’t make sense.

Turn to other bedroom storage solutions for keeping your out-of-season-clothing stored. Another option is to store some of it in suitcases to save you space.

4. Make use of every nook and cranny

The storage space in your closet’s upper reaches may not be efficiently utilized because they’re difficult to access. If that’s the case, use a good step stool (like the SlimStep ladder, available in our showroom). They make it easier to access hard-to-reach upper closet areas and also come in quite handy in other areas of the home.

When you’re dealing with small closets, it’s crucial that the storage space be maximized. If you have deep closet shelves with empty space at the back, add small baskets to hold knick knacks or less frequently used smaller articles of clothing. They’ll stay organized in the baskets, which can easily be pulled forward when needed.

When one of our design consultants is evaluating your closet space, they can suggest ways to better utilize underused areas within it.

Use a step stool to access hard-to-reach areas in your small closet space.

5. Use additional bedroom storage ideas

Try and get your closet wardrobe collection leaner by looking to additional bedroom storage solutions. That’ll alleviate some of the burden on your small closet space. Here’s a few suggestions:

  • bed surrounds – your available bedroom storage space expands significantly with this clever integrated storage solution
  • dressers – make sure your dresser drawers are filled (but still functional) with anything that can be moved from the closet
  • wardrobes – complement your small closet storage space with a stylish custom wardrobe
  • create-a-closet® – this unique storage idea lets you add a closet anywhere

6. Add more hanging rods

Add extra hanging rods in your small closet storage space, if space allows. This makes better use of your limited closet space and prevents the clothing hung on your single hanging rod from being crammed too closely together, which causes wrinkles.

A lower hanging rod for short hanging garments like pants, shirts, and skirts ensures that valuable closet hanging space isn’t wasted.

And you can even add a shorter perpendicular hanging rod to maximize your small closet storage space on a side wall. This just means the closet rod is hung from front-to-back in the closet, as opposed to the traditional side-to-side.

It’s best not to hang certain types of clothing (like sweaters), which should be folded instead. Folding your jeans (which are bulkier) and stacking them in drawers or open shelving can also save hanging space.

 7. Use closet accessories

Using the right closet accessories will produce an immediately noticeable improvement in the functionality of your small closet storage space.

Many closet accessories don’t take up much space. That’s important, considering the limited amount of space you have to work with. We’d suggest any of the following closet accessories:

  • hooks
  • valet rods
  • pullout tie racks
  • sliding belt racks

The low profile nature of these space-saving helpers also means you have the flexibility to add them just about anywhere in your small closet storage space.

Other useful accessories that are ideal for small closet spaces include pullout pant racks, shoe racks, and a versatile four position hanger.

small closet storage belt rack

A low profile sliding belt rack is perfect for a small closet space.

8. Get your other closets in order

Make an effort to sort out as many small closet storage spaces in your home as as you can. If one closet is disorganized, there’s a tendency for a domino effect to occur with the level of organization and number of things in the rest of your closets.

And remember, closet organizers and accessories aren’t just meant for the bedroom. Linen closets, laundry room closets, front entryway closets, and home office closets can all benefit from a closet makeover.

9. Add a dressing room/large walk-in closet

Even though your home’s closets may be small, there’s another option that can expand your clothes storage space in a big way. A dressing room (also known as a large walk-in closet) can be created if you have a spare bedroom.

Your small closet storage woes will disappear when you have a spacious dressing room to house whatever can’t fit in your small closets. And besides opening up your clothes storage options on a grand scale, dressing rooms also add luxurious style to your home’s décor.

Our new Monogram collection of custom closet cabinetry is perfectly suited for dressing rooms and walk-in closets. You can fully customize your large closet space with the Monogram collection’s wide range of rich finishes and plethora of built-in accessories.

small closet storage dressing room

If you’re frustrated by your home’s small closets and you have a spare room, create a luxurious dressing room.

Learn more about small closet storage space solutions

The new Organized Interiors Idea Book is filled with lots of inspiring small closet storage space solutions.

Allow one of our closet design professionals to evaluate your small closet space. They’ll show you how our organization and storage solutions can improve how your small closets function and look.

Just schedule your free in-home design consultation.

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Top 7 Ways Disorganized Closets Negatively Affect Your Life

You cringe every time your closet doors are opened, bracing for the catastrophe that awaits within and the inevitable spike in your stress level.

Is this a scenario that sounds all-too-familiar to you? If so, you’re one of many people who have to contend with their disorganized closets every day. And disorganized closets can have more negative effects on your life then you might imagine.

Naturally, there are the obvious ways disorganized closets impact your daily life, such as wasting your time and the stress they cause. Dig a little deeper, however, and you’ll realize that the many drawbacks of having messy closets should provide plenty of incentive for you to fix the situation.

Identifying the problem is the first step on your pathway to doing that. Do any or all of these seven negative effects of having disorganized closets resonate with you?

disorganized closets

Keeping your closets organized can eliminate some of your daily stress.

1. Disorganized closets stress you out

The universal response to being asked “What’s the biggest negative effect of having disorganized closets?” will likely be that it’s a major cause of stress. Clutter and disorganization is just not conducive to keeping your headspace in a relaxed state.

Some of that stress develops because clutter and disorganization disrupts our focus and concentration. Our brain processes the mess as one more thing on our to-do list that needs to be dealt with.

And the longer we fail to deal with the problem, the more overwhelmed our brain feels. Feelings of guilt and shame manifest themselves in the form of health-threatening stress.

That means you’re adding to your stress level every time you need to go into your messy closets. For most people, that’s an average of three or four times a day. And disorganized closets and home clutter also add to the already-high anxiety levels North Americans have.

2. Disorganized closets waste your time

Another popular answer in response to how disorganized closets affect out lives would be that it causes us to waste a lot of time.

Some of that stress and anxiety disorganized closets contribute to stems from the fact that too much time is wasted looking for specific items.

Consider these statistics from a OnePoll survey of 1,000 American women:

  • 47% of women struggle when it comes to deciding on which outfit they should wear to work
  • 1 in 4 women admitted to having disorganized closets
  • 57% of women believe that having organized closets saves them time when picking out something to wear

Another home organization study conducted by Alpha Phi Quarterly magazine shows that more than two thirds of those surveyed believe they could save up to 30 minutes a day if they were more organized. This is in all areas of their life, not just when it comes to their closets.

But disorganized closets are one of the biggest contributors to the hundreds of hours wasted by the average person yearly. So why are your closets so disorganized? Do you not declutter frequently enough? Is your closet space not being used properly or do you lack an efficient closet organizer?

3. You never have enough closet storage space

Look at any list of the most coveted features for homebuyers and ample closet space is sure to be near the top. And when we don’t have enough of it, we’re not happy. More than two thirds of homeowners polled by HSH.com named a lack of storage space as their biggest pet peeve.

Contrary to popular belief, however, the cause of disorganized closets isn’t necessarily due to your closets being too small. A Soap and Detergent Association study reveals that 80% of household clutter is a result of disorganization, not lack of space.

Yes, small closets make it more a challenge to keep your closets tidy, but there are ways to maximize the available space you do have. This can be done by using a few different solutions:

  • making better use of your vertical space
  • keeping your shoes more organized with a shoe rack
  • having extra hanging rods added
  • adding space-saving closet accessories to enhance your closet’s functionality

Your disorganized closets may also be making you think twice about buying a new clothing item you’d really like, just because you’re worried about adding it to the mess.

Sure, a certain amount of self-discipline when it comes to clothes shopping is a good thing. It is nice, however, to treat yourself to a new dress or pair of pants once in awhile, too (and especially if it’s on sale at a great price).

disorganized closets pant rack

Make better use of your closet’s space by adding smart storage solutions like this pullout pant rack.

4. Disorganized closets are an eyesore

When your closets are a mess, you definitely want to keep them hidden from view. Other than when you need something out of your closet, it’s a good bet that your closet doors will be closed around the clock.

This will certainly be the case if you have houseguests over, but disorganized closets are also an embarrassment to show to the rest of your family. And, most importantly, you’ll be in a constant state of guilt over how out of hand you’ve let the situation get.

With the stylish and attractive looks that closets can be designed with nowadays by a skilled designer, your closets should be a space that you look forward to entering, not dreading.

There are an abundance of appealing finishing options and features available with a custom closet design. You can have a closet space created that actually adds to your home décor, instead of it being an area of your home that’s hidden as much as possible.

5. You frequently misplace and lose items

An overstuffed closet makes it far more difficult to locate specific items. And it’s no wonder our closets have too many things  – the number of household items we buy has skyrocketed in the past several decades.

The Daily Mail newspaper reports that in the past 30 years, Britons’ homes have had a 133% increase in the average value of their contents. And the average closet of an American woman has 103 items in it.

Because we have more clothes and shoes than we need, items in the closet get misplaced or even lost. Often when they are found much later, they’ve become fashion relics or no longer fit.

Consider these additional statistics that illustrate the impact of having disorganized closets:

  • women have an average of $550 worth of unworn clothing sitting in their closet (10 Yetis survey)
  • at least once a month, 44% of women polled say they’re unable to find an item in their closet (OnePoll survey)
  • 61% of women who struggle with picking an outfit from their closet buy new clothes instead of organizing (OnePoll survey)

It’s also estimated that 80% of your clothing is worn a mere 20% of the time. That’s mostly due to owning more than we need, as well as us being too disorganized to find items. As a result, this prevents us from getting our money’s worth out of the clothing by wearing things regularly.

6. Disorganized closets aren’t good for your clothing

A full, poorly maintained closet doesn’t provide a friendly storage environment for your clothing and shoes. Clothing that’s crammed together while hung up is more likely to get wrinkled. It also makes it harder to find items.

Clothing stored on open shelving or in closet drawers that are just thrown there instead of getting folded will also become a wrinkled mess. And shoes left in a disorganized pile on your closet floor will get scuffed and damaged.

Disorganized closets also cause you to take other storage shortcuts, simply because you have fewer storage options. For example, if your shelving or drawers are full, sweaters might be put on a hanger, which leaves hanger marks.

7. Dealing with disorganized closets gets your day off to a bad start

There’s rarely enough time in the morning to adequately take care of all your responsibilities before heading out to work. Being slowed down by hunting for a shoe or belt to match your outfit, or plain old indecisiveness when choosing an outfit, adds to the time we waste every morning.

When you leave the house late, your day gets off to a bad start. You also don’t want to have to just “settle” on an outfit due to time constraints. This doesn’t put you in the most confident, relaxed state of mind you’d prefer to have to begin your day.

3 in 10 women from that OnePoll survey believe that having an organized closet would make their mornings less stressful.

Don’t put up with your disorganized closets any longer

If you’ve been dealing with the headaches disorganized closets for too long, take some action. Disorganized closets cause needless stress and with the help of a closet professional, you can fix your closet problems.

Transforming disorganized closets is what Organized Interiors specializes in. Whether it’s adding a custom closet organizer or suggesting other bedroom storage solutions like a bed surround or wardrobe, we’ve been improving the organization and storage capabilities of our clients’ homes for more than 40 years.

Schedule your free in-home design consultation with us to find out what we can do to transform the disorganized closets in your home.

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Custom Home Organization Solutions On A Budget: What Should You Prioritize?

One of the foundations for any beautiful home is organization.

If you’re looking to improve your home’s level of organization and are on a budget, you may be wondering – which home organization solutions should I prioritize? 

There are three important custom home organization solutions that we would suggest allocating your organization budget towards.

These three organization and storage solutions will deliver effective results and reduce clutter in your home.

1. Custom home organization solutions for the closet

Whether your closets are too small or you’re just not making the best use of their space, one of the most effective custom home organization solutions to choose is a closet organizer.

A customized closet solution provides a place for every wardrobe item. You’ll find that keeping clutter minimized in your closet and bedroom space requires much less effort. 

Whether you want a simple closet organizer with various shelves, drawers, and a hanging rod, or a more complex walk-in closet organizer, you can find a design that works for your home and budget.

Here are two options:

  • SmartLine closet organizer: this modular organization system is flexible to accommodate your future storage needs. That means should you need to adjust the heights of hanging bars or shelving, you’ll be able to do so. Drawers, plenty of hanging space, and open shelving maximize your storage space. The SmartLine organizer is also wall-mounted, leaving your closet floor space clear.
  • Classic closet organizer: this floor-supported custom home organization solution is ideal for closet spaces both smaller and larger, such as a walk-in. Get even more out of your closet’s storage space with the Classic’s deeper shelving and drawers. You can ensure this organizer complements your home’s décor with the available custom options.
custom home organization solutions classic

The Classic closet organizer’s deep drawers and shelves provide ample storage space.

2. Closet accessory custom home organization solutions

Adding useful closet accessories to not just your closets, but other areas of your house, saves you space and makes your home more functional. Here’s just a few of the many closet accessories we have available:

  • built-in laundry hampers can be added to closets and laundry rooms and keep your dirty clothes sorted and out of sight
  • a four position hanger can create more room for hanging clothes in the closet or be attached to a wall or the side of a cabinet
  • install a pullout rack for your shoes that makes each pair easily accessible (it can also be used for bags)
  • a retractable valet rod is a relatively inexpensive closet accessory that’s small and simple, yet highly effective when it comes to adding extra hanging space for your wardrobe
  • a low profile sliding belt rack can be added almost anywhere and will keep your belts organized and properly stored to maintain their shape

3. Custom home organization solutions to protect your valuables

Do you have expensive jewellery or important documents you’d prefer to keep protected? We have three custom home organization solutions that are designed to safeguard your valuables:

  • custom jewellery drawers with felt lining provide a soft surface for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, and prevent these accessories from sliding around and getting tangled
  • vital documents like a will or insurance policy and other valuables can be keep in a lockable hidden document drawer that’s discretely installed underneath a clothing drawer
  • a fire-resistant drawer safe can also be discreetly secured within a cabinetry drawer
custom home organization solutions Hidden document drawer

Keep your valuables discreetly stored in a hidden document drawer.

Custom home organization solutions are worth the expense

Although you may be on a budget, you’ll find that choosing custom home organization solutions is worth the expense.

Our design consultants can work with you to tailor all of your custom home organization solutions to your space and aesthetic preferences. That includes picking the type of finish or decorative hardware that your custom cabinetry is made with.

We also manufacture and install our custom products, resulting in a professional beginning-to-end process that ensures quality control and complete customer satisfaction.

Unlike inferior big box home organization products, we don’t believe a one-size-fits-all approach to home organization systems best serves our client’s needs.

Schedule your free in-home design consultation so one of our design consultants can evaluate your space and find the best custom home organization solutions that will work within your budget.

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Closet Redesign: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Start Your Project

There are several reasons you may be considering a custom closet redesign. Perhaps the closets you have are small and don’t provide much storage space.

Maybe they only have a basic hanging bar, shelf, and floor space and are in need of an effective organization system like a good closet organizer.

You may want a closet redesign done for these reasons, as well as to give this space’s décor a sprucing up, especially with the many attractive closet designs available today.

Organized Interiors can help. While thinking about your custom closet redesign options, it’s important to consider these five questions:

1. Do I have space in my closet redesign to include a dressing room?

If your budget and space allows, a dressing room/large walk-in closet offers both the most amount of closet storage space and opportunity to create a large closet space that looks spectacular.

The ideal location for a dressing room is to utilize one of your small spare rooms. If you already have a dressing room, we can show you ways to make it even better. A dressing room space can also be incorporated into a large master bedroom by simply building a partition wall.

Our Custom Cabinetry Collection features beautiful custom-made cabinetry that infuses your dressing room with elegance and style, creating a comfortable, private space you’ll cherish.

The smart storage and organization solutions we use in your dressing room will also make it much easier to keep your sanctuary clean and clutter-free.

Dressing room closet redesign

2. How much hanging and drawer space will my closet redesign need?

Before you consult with a designer, take some time to think about your current wardrobe and your preferred storage style. Do you like keeping a lot of your clothing folded?

If so, you’ll need more shelving and drawer space. If you prefer hanging most of your clothing, extra hanging bars and a useful pant rack can be added to accommodate your needs.

3. What kind of closet accessories should I choose for my closet redesign?

There are many helpful closet accessories you can use in your custom closet redesign. Along with organization helpers like drawer dividers, jewellery drawers, watch winders, and felt storage boxes, consider these other useful closet accessories:

  • pullout laundry hampers with removable cloth bag inserts
  • four position hangers and retractable valet rods for extra hanging space that takes up very little room
  • low profile sliding belt, scarf, and tie racks
  • pullouts that can keep your shoes and purses organized
  • decorative hardware with hundreds of styles of hooks, pulls, and knobs to choose from
  • a pullout ironing board that’s conveniently hidden within a drawer

closet redesign ironing board

4. Do I want my closet to give me more storage flexibility?

Having some flexibility to adjust the storage configuration of your closet space might be important to you. If you’re having the closet space for one of your kids redesigned, this can be particularly beneficial. Their tastes change rapidly, plus they’ll obviously be outgrowing their clothing on a regular basis.

Our SmartLine closet organizer might be the best choice for you in this situation. This modular storage system is wall-mounted and allows for adjustments to shelving and hanging bar heights, depending on your changing needs.

Ask one of our design consultants whether the SmartLine or Classic closet organizer are the right choice for your closet space.

closet redesign SmartLine closet organizer

5. What look do you want your custom closet redesign to create?

A closet that fits in with your interior design helps you organize without diminishing your home’s style. From a contemporary white to rich warm wood, you can find an attractive finish to perfectly complement your home décor.

Adding extra design touches like an island, full-length mirror, and vanity to your dressing will enhance the look of your closet space even more.

We’re the custom closet redesign experts

Organized Interiors has more than 40 years of expertise when it comes to custom closet redesigns and other solutions that will improve the organization in your home.

One of our design consultants can visit your home to discuss a custom closet redesign with you. All you need to do is schedule your free in-home consultation today.

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Discover The Big Benefits Of These 9 Small Closet Organization Ideas

Are the small closets in your home making it a challenge to find storage space for your belongings, resulting in disorganization and clutter?

If so, there are some effective small closet organization ideas you should be considering.

Smart small closet organization ideas make it easier to maintain tidy spaces

Keeping small closet spaces tidy is actually quite manageable if you’re making use of smart small closet organization ideas and products.

Wasting even a small amount of the limited storage space at your disposal is a recipe for clutter buildup.

It will also create repeated future occurrences of you rediscovering items buried in your closet that you forgot you even had, due to disorganization.

Eliminate these scenarios by using these small closet organization ideas.

1. Declutter and re-evaluate your closet storage system

If you’re having issues with storage space and staying organized, your first step is to declutter.

After that, you need ask yourself exactly why it’s such a challenge to keep your bedroom and small closets tidy. Yes, a lack of storage space is a significant reason, but are you truly maximizing the storage space in your small closets?

Objectively re-evaluating your closet storage system just may lead you to discover that your small closet space isn’t being fully optimized. This can be due to a few reasons:

  • the closet storage system being outdated
  • you or a previous owner using poorly designed DIY closet storage ideas
  • you have a one-size-fits-all closet storage system that wasn’t custom-made for your closet space

small closet organization ideas wardrobe

2. Prioritize your closet’s contents

Small closet spaces really emphasize the importance of prioritizing the contents that will be kept inside them. Avoid keeping wardrobe items that are out-of-season in a small closet. Move them to a more spacious storage area of your home.

The same goes for suitcases. If you travel infrequently, as most of us do, it’s not practical to have bulky suitcases occupying valuable closet space that’s used daily. Put your moved out-of-season clothing in the suitcases to cut down on storage space.

Create as much closet space as possible for the items you use regularly and semi-regularly.

3. Keep infrequently used items up high

If moving the aforementioned infrequently used items elsewhere isn’t an option due to a severe lack of space where you live, there is another option.

Use your closet’s vertical space and keep these items up high and out of the way. We can design a vertical storage solution that can fit any closet space, even ones with unconventional dimensions.

You can also use our stylish and handy felt storage boxes for holding smaller items.

4. Use a custom closet organizer for maximum storage efficiency

Custom closet organizers are your best solution to get the most out of a small closet space.

Our high quality closet organizers are custom-made by our own hands, so we can design a closet storage system that’s exactly tailored to your space (including adding features like cubbies and open shelving storage).

Custom closets also give you the freedom to choose the types of finish, hardware accessories, and other design elements you’re partial to.

Organized  SmartLine Closet system is modular and wall-mounted, which leaves your closet floor space clear. The SmartLine system also allows for plenty of flexibility to accommodate your changing storage needs.

Our Classic Closet system is floor-mounted and really maximizes storage in small closets, in addition to enhancing your bedroom’s decor.

small closet organization ideas

5. Add more closet hanging options

Add extra hanging bars in a closet to maximize your hanging options. A second hanging bar at a lower level in your closet for pants and other items frees up space on your top bar.

In fact, we can even get creative and install our high quality chrome hanging bars in a perpendicular (front to back) fashion in your closet corners, if space allows.

Free up additional hanging space by moving t-shirts and tank tops to your dresser and using our handy drawer dividers.

6. Enhance your closet space further with helpful closet accessories

You can further enhance the functionality of your closet space by adding hanging closet accessories such as a valet rod, four position hanger, sliding belt rack, and tie holder.

We also have a huge selection of decorative hardware that includes stylish hooks for hanging additional items. Pullout storage can also be added to hold your shoe and purse collection.

7. Use every inch of your closet

Making the most of your limited closet space means utilizing every inch of it, including the closet door. Some of your closet accessories can be attached to the inside of your closet door.

The high quality of our hanging accessories means your belongings will stay secure when opening and closing the door.

small closet organization ideas bed surround

8. Consider additional bedroom storage solutions

We have other great custom storage solutions for the bedroom that make it easier to keep belongings out of your closet:

  • Dressing rooms (or large walk-in closets) are ideal for creating more closet space from a spare room
  • Our create-a-closet® system can make new closet space just about anywhere in your home
  • Custom-fitted wardrobe closets combine extra storage space with refined looks
  • Bed surrounds maximize the storage space in your bedroom or guest room

9. Talk to an expert about your small closet organization ideas

Consider all of these small closet organization ideas. Then talk with a custom closet and organization expert to help you fully realize your vision of a small closet space that works.

Knowing all aspects of closet storage and organization is Organized Interiors’ specialty.

We have more than 40 years of experience in this area. Our expert guidance can help you navigate through the closet storage waters for the bedroom and other areas of your home.

You can discuss these small closet organization ideas and solutions with one of our design professionals by booking your free in-home consultation.

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